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Fertile Soil Solutions, located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, is an independently owned and operated agricultural consulting company.  We specialize in increased crop production and profit through progressive nutrient and irrigation water management programs.  At Fertile Soil Solutions we recognize that expertise and strategic planning are needed for a productive and profitable farm in today’s agricultural markets.  For that reason we are committed to ever-changing technical and scientific advances and tailor a fertility program for your specific needs.  We provide expert agricultural consulting backed by scientific facts and common sense, so you don’t have to go it alone. Nothing replaces real experience.

Fertile Soil Solutions works hard to build a truly comprehensive, integrated soil fertility program where only proven advice and recommendations are implemented. Based in Sacramento, California in the heart of the Central Valley, we have been providing technical and practical agricultural consulting to growers in California for years.  From around the world to around the corner, Fertile Soil Solutions provides the very best agricultural consulting services for maximized production and profit to our valued clients, where no grower is too large or too small.

Changing the nature of profitable agriculture with innovation and idea generation one grower at a time…

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