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Calif. Farm Facts: part 1

California Department of Food and Agriculture. (04/2010). 

California’s top 20 crop and livestock commodities accounted for more than $29.6 billion in value for 2008 (the latest year available).  Eleven commodities exceeded $1.00 billion in value for 2008.  Despite higher production costs for many growers, twelve of the 20 commodities registered an increase in value from the previous year.  The same was not true for California’s leading commodity, Milk and Cream, which decreased by $412 million in value, due to weak demand early in the year and diminished market price.  Final grower returns could change the sales value for hay, berries and other commodities, resulting in an updated dollar amount in next year’s report.

Leading Counties:  California is home to the most productive agricultural counties in the nation. According to the 2007 Census of Agriculture’s ranking of market value of agricultural products sold, nine of the Nation’s top 10 producing counties are in California.

Chardonnay Wine Grapes, Clements, California. Grapes (wine and table) are still California's most valuable crop.

 California’s Top 10 Agricultural Counties
1.  Fresno  5,669,527 ,000          Grapes, Almonds, Poultry, Milk, Tomatoes

2  Tulare   5,017,955,000          Milk, Oranges, Cattle and Calves, Grapes, Alfalfa Hay & Silage

3.  Kern  4,032,830,000          Milk, Grapes, Citrus, Almonds and By-Products, Carrots

4.  Monterey 3,829,123,000          Leaf and Head Lettuce, Strawberries, Nursery, Broccoli, Grapes

5.  Merced  2,972,698,000          Milk, Chickens, Almonds, Cattle and Calves, Potatoes

6.  Stanislaus 2,463,787,000          Milk, Almonds, Chickens, Cattle and Calves, Silage

7.  San Joaquin 2,129,812,000           Milk, Grapes, Walnuts, Cherries, Almond Meats

8.  Kings 1,760,168,000          Milk, Cotton, Cattle and Calves, Alfalfa, Tomatoes

9.   Imperial 1,684,522,000          Cattle, Alfalfa, Wheat, Head and Leaf Lettuce, Broccoli

10.  Ventura 1,611,091,000          Strawberries, Nursery Stock, Lemons, Celery, Raspberries

Grape Soil Problem

Flooded chardonnay vineyard: Lodi, California

This photo was taken yesterday 15 March 2010 east of Lodi, California. No… the chardonnay vineyard has not been irrigated [it’s a drip irrigation system], and there hasn’t been excessive amounts of rain, either. Yet, the entire bottom half of the vineyard is under water… a serious anaerobic condition for the vines. We are seeing more and more serious water penetration problems like this, and the primary problem is irrigation water that is snow-melt runoff contributing to serious soil structure issues. This soil condition can easily be corrected, but without help, the vineyard and the grapes are in serious trouble. If you have a water penetration problem like this, call us… we would gladly talk to you about our services and how we can help your crops, whether it be grapes, almonds, vegetables or field crops, …or something fun like pussytoes (Antennaria plantaginifolia) or red undies  (Begonia sinensis)… we can help you do a better job with your production.