Fertile Soil Solutions provides global soil, crop and irrigation water consulting services; while sustainable agriculture and horticulture production and management is our focus.  The professionals at Fertile Soil Solutions are specializing in applied science and practical agronomic solutions for today’s production agriculture.

Fertile Soil Solutions Provides the Following Professional Services:

    • Agricultural and horticultural consulting
Almond Blossoms near Chico, California
    • Sustainable production expertise
    • Soil fertility management
    • Irrigation water penetration advice
    • Soil, plant tissue and water analysis
    • Agronomic expert witness and counsel
    • Professional speaker, writer and author


Fertile Soil Solutions provides soil, crop and irrigation water consulting to all growers of all crops that focuses on sustainability, productivity, and profitability.  We have years of extensive consulting experience and practical know-how.  Our consulting programs are custom designed for each grower to maximize agricultural sustainability, crop quality and profit.  Fertile Soil Solutions serves all of California, the West, and the World.

Our strengths are quality of work and unequaled scientific, practical and technical knowledge.

Fertile Soil Solutions is totally independent and not associated with any line of products or chemicals. Therefore, we are free to recommend only what is required for sustainable farming that produces outstanding crops and profit. Our highest priority is the success of our clients.

Qualifications, experience, dedication and a proven track record of success sets Fertile Soil Solutions, LLC apart from the competition