27 August 2013.  1. The Corn That Broke the Cattleman’s Back? The number of American feedlots leaving the business increased by 9,900 percent in the last year — a mass exodus prompted by the rising cost of feed. (National Review)

2. Anti-Atrazine Crusader Marches On: Berkeley professor Tyrone Hayes will never stop claiming that atrazine wreaked havoc on Darnell the frog’s genitals. Hayes has made sure to push his fame quotient alongside his atrazine research. (Forbes)

3. Giant Feral Pig Killed by Farmers: When Larry Smith went hunting for a massive wild pig that was tearing up his corn field, he was stunned when the chase played out and the pig proved even bigger than he’d ever suspected. (Delta Farm Press)

4. Older Farmers: No Hurry to Stop: Time to leave the farm? Not so fast. (NPR)

5. 6 Mind-Boggling Facts About Farms in China: China’s food supply infrastructure is creaking. (Mother Jones)

6. Young Farmers Break Bank Before Breaking Ground: Beginning farmers walk a tough road toward land and capital. (The Salt)

7. Gaps in the GM Crop Fence: Gaps in oversight of transgenic technologies allow scientists to test the waters for speciality varieties. (Nature)

8. Stone Age Tribes and Farmers in a Tangle: Tribal land and farmland doesn’t mix well. (Spiegel)

9. Cattle Rustling Jumps: Over 10,000 cows and horses were reported missing or stolen in Oklahoma and Texas last year. (State Impact)

10. The Return of Mead: Little honey; little water; mead is back. (Modern Farmer)