Water Usage Report for California Growers

Central Valley Business Times.  16 November 2011.  Farmers have nearly exhausted conservation methods of agricultural use of irrigation water in the Central Valley, concludes a report from Fresno State Wednesday that was paid for at least in part by water interests.  The report by the Center for Irrigation Technology at California State University, Fresno, says that claims that California farmers are wasteful and inefficient in managing their water supplies are inaccurate.  Funding for the report was provided by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the California Farm Water Coalition.


The report is based on a thorough review of published research and technical data as well as state of California publications to assess the overall potential for agricultural water-use efficiency to provide new water supplies, the university says. The authors of say they did no original research for the report.  They conclude that little potential exists for new water unless large swaths of agricultural land are taken out of production, which technically is not water-use efficiency.  The study is an important addition to the ongoing discussions about California water and specifically what decisions must be made to assure adequate supplies for the future.  read more