Soil Structure Problems

Tokay Grapes, west of Lodi, California

Sorry, I can’t help it…  I see water penetration problems due to poor soil structure wherever I go and I have to stop and take pictures…. and the problem has certainly gotting worse and worse in recent years. 

I stopped a took this photo last week [Friday 23 April 2010] after a light rain.  The soil is very sandy… probably a sandy loam, but after just a light rain, the water is standing in the lower areas.  This condition is very indicitive of poor soil structure from using snow-melt water for years, which has led to this serious problem.  Not only does the water not move down into the soil well, oxygen can’t move into the soil very well, and of course, the root system is suffering, too.  If you have any problems with your crops like this, contact us… we can help improve your production and profit.  Like the Men’s Wearhouse guy, we guanantee it…   Dr. B.