WESTERN FRUIT GROWER.  11 NOVEMBER 2011.  According to a new storage survey released today by the U.S. Apple Association, the national trade association for the apple industry, holdings for apples in the U.S. are slightly higher than they were last year. Compared with the numbers recorded at the same time of year in 2010, apples destined to be processed, however, are 7% lower.  The U.S. apple industry uses storage to provide apples to consumers throughout the year, not only during the harvest season. The only source of U.S. apple storage holding numbers, USApple publishes this monthly storage survey from November through June to aid in market transparency and to provide accurate inventory information to aid in marketing and sales efforts. Due to their efforts, the following information was recorded.

The first USApple storage survey of the 2011 U.S. apple crop reports the total number of apples in storage on Nov. 1 at 141 million bushels, which is on par with 2010’s 141.3 bushels. Fresh market apple holdings totals 105.4 million bushels, up from 103.4 million in 2010 but a 1% drop from the five year average. Apples destined for processing stood at 35.5 million bushels, below the 38 million recorded last year and 20% off the five-year average.  “The 2011 crop is shaping up to be one with a good supply of high-quality fruit for both the fresh and processed markets,” explained Mark Seetin, director of regulatory and industry affairs at USApple. “Growers have been working hard, in spite of the late season, to harvest the fruit and maintain quality inventory.”  read more